For years I have known that I should swap out my go-to "clinical strength" antiperspirant full of aluminum for something all natural. With breast cancer in my family, I hated putting something toxic onto my skin and near my glands, yet I couldn't quite make the switch. The natural products I had tried left me smelling sour and with my busy lifestyle, it just didn't seem an option. My search ended, surprisingly, in a grocery store in my home city of Calgary. The Routine deodorant jars caught my eye and the scents were so appealing it was hard to pick one! I left that day with my first jar and haven't looked back since. My favourite is The Curator, a baking soda free version that is gentle on my sensitive skin and smells SO good.  I have even gotten compliments about my scent- when all I have on is my Routine! It doesn't block my sweat glands with toxins so I still sweat, but at least I smell damn good doing it!


This is the absolute best natural deodorant (and I have tried many, including making my own) that I have ever used. This deodorant is insanely effective and amazing! I'm so happy that there are baking-soda free versions, as I developed a sensitivity to baking soda a few years ago which drastically limited my natural deodorant options. These smell amazing, and work all day. If you have a chill day where you don't sweat much, this deodorant keeps going until the next day. Thank you Routine makers! You're genius.


"Over the years I’ve tried countless all-natural deodorants, and I was honestly starting to lose hope until I found routine. Now it’s all I use!

(A special shout-out to my sister Kristi for introducing me to the brand!)”


I am not a vegitably person. I have a science background, I like looking at data, studies, proof. Natural or green is not what I first look for in a beauty product. So, when someone gave me Routine Cream in “Like a Boss” I was not expecting to love it. But I LOVE IT. It works better than and smells better than my drugstore stick brand.  I now rotate my scents to my moods and love them all day. When Routine Cream says they are the “best natural deodorant” I think it should just say BEST DEODERANT.


ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED! I just wanted to send a huge thank you and minor love note to your company for producing possibly one of my favorite hygiene products in the world (I never knew you could love deodorant this much)! I love that routine is a Canadian company. I love that the deodorants come in glass jars as I am not a huge fan of plastic. I love that your deodorant actually WORKS! and I really really love the scent of the SUPERSTAR deodorant (as do many of the readers of my blog, friends, family and pretty much anyone that lets me talk their ear off about deodorant haha). Anyways just wanted to send a huge thank you and a little sunshine your way!


Good variety of scents and formulations to meet everyone's needs (including people with sensitive skin). But the real winning feature for me is the consistency! Routine deodorant has a good uniform texture compared to a lot of the cream deodorants I've tried, which makes it easier and more convenient to use (no need for stirring/mixing prior to each use) and more reliable for travel (because it doesn't separate or run as so many other cream deodorants do). Big winner for me!


LIFE CHANGER. Thank you again, I say thank you, it would be difficult to believe that something like DEODORANT is life changing; but here I sit, writing to you because it's true. I sweat a lot, I also work out a lot, and I've always been so self conscious about body odour. your product has changed that! I'll always be grateful - seriously! I also no longer have "deodorant stink"...you know what I'm talking about. The smell from the very product which is supposed to keep you from smelling. Yeah, that one. I'm happy to say I don't have to worry about that anymore. I also don't have to worry about reading deodorant labels - I know that what I'm buying from you is not only good for me, but good for my kids, and good for the environment. so again, I say thank you. Please don't stop doing what you're doing


SUPERSTAR has brought it to the next level. As a public speaker, sweat is a part of my life and I have never used a better product than Routine and Superstar seems to work especially well and I love the smell!


This is the BEST natural deodorant I have ever tried! I love that your ingredients list is readable, and that you have minimal packaging with nearly-no plastic! Nothing could be better!


Nothing but good things!!!! I LOVE LOVE your products!!! I wish I had a store front to advertise your product <3 So far I have tried the Curator and the Superstar and LOVE the smell and that they keep me fresh for 24 hrs + When I ordered I had 3 friends order with me and no one had anything bad to say about them!


So, let's just say my wife's pits are stinky. It's okay, I love her with stinky pits. I think it was in our wedding vows. I happen to be one of those weird people that just don't stink. I know, I'm strange... so, battling armpit odor was not something I knew how to do. Then, along came you. We went to Credo in Boston, yesterday, to buy your product. My wife is a nurse, and she worked a 12-hour shift today. She came home after her first day of using your Superstar, and I legitimately stuck my nose in her armpit... and NOTHING! It smelled like Superstar! I mean, where were you guys three years ago when we got married? We could have used you when we didn't have central AC! Oy...your product opened a new chapter into our marriage! For the first time in my life, I looked at my wife and exclaimed, "I NEED to leave a review for this!


I've tried way too many natural deodorants in my days and spent way too much money finding the right one for my itty bitty pitties... and now I can finally sleep at night because the search is over.. ROUTINE CREAM for the win!!! My two favorites are Sexy Sadie and Like A Boss!


It's actually crazy how good my armpits smell, to the point that I've been telling people to smell them lol. I rotate through Superstar, Sexy Sadie, Bonita Applebom and Blackberry Betty, that's also the order of my favourite scents as well!


I cannot believe the quality of this product. Yesterday I bought The Curator deodorant that is baking soda free, as my underarms were so rashy and sore (from previous deodorants). Today they are healed and so smooth I'm shocked! Amazing, absolutely would recommend forever and ever. Thank you.


This is the best deodorant I've ever used. One application lasts me all day through 5 massages, and I still don't stink at the end of the day! Amazing. I use the baking soda free version of The Curator. Love it. Highly, highly recommend.



SUPERSTAR has brought it to the next level. As a public speaker, sweat is a part of my life and I have never used a better product than Routine and Superstar seems to work especially well and I love the smell!

I absolutely love this product! I normally have a hard time finding the right deodorant and even commercial stuff doesn’t all work for me or gives me rash. This ones is amazing and I love the smell of them all. I’m so happy I found this product.


By far the only natural deodorant that can actually last all day! I use the A Girl Named Sue. Still surprisingly gentle on my sensitive skin. You really don't need much so it lasts for months.


The best! I love it, my teenage daughters love it, my mom loves it! Take the time to find the scent that works with your body chemistry.


Just tried a sample of your Superstar deodorant for 2 weeks and I love it! I have purchased the regular sized jar and will keep the sample jar filled for my travel. I put it to the test - I am a fitness trainer full time so I applied it and wore it through hot days and training clients and training myself. I wore the same shirt without washing it for 4 days in a row and I and the shirt didn't stink! You have a good thing going on and I just want to thank you for your attention to an area most people don't think about!



I've never tried cream deodorants before, but I gave routine a shot. The following morning, there was NO body odor yet, so I ran a test. Twice. Shower, apply Like a Boss, sweat, wear the SAME shirt to bed, do NOT shower underarms the next morning, wear the SAME shirt all day, sweat, and wear the SAME shirt to bed. Have husband sniff underarms. No smell. None. I'm pretty sure I can't believe this! I've tried crystals, straight essential oils, and of course, a whole gamut of unhealthy deodorants. Nothing works Like a Boss! (well, you know what I mean...)

I've tried easily 2 dozen brands of non-traditional deodorant. This is by far the best. Not only in terms of odour fighting longevity, but also for lack of irritation. On top of all that, their customer service is fantastic. Can't recommend this product and company more highly.


Tried the sampler. Love the size, easily able to last a week, so great for figuring which one you like or to toss into a travel bag. I am pretty sensitive skin, where the likes of degree/old spice/Tom's/burts bees would cause irritation and sometimes burning. After a week, of using Routine, I wasn't even pink. Most favorite is Bonita Appleblom, smells like mulled cider and able to handle BO really well.


YOU LADIES ARE SUPERSTARS! Moksha Yoga Teacher here to sing your praise! I just want to say that I had been looking for a natural solution to my sweaty pit woes for a while, then I found you guys… I discovered/fell in love with Napoleon's Dynamite, and then The Curator and now SUPERSTAR. Such a fitting name for you ladies and what you do!


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